10 Signs you are a Twenty-Somethings

Well, turns out, I am a true Twenty-Something after-all…

Which I find to be a compliment!


Although most people are scrutinizing the “Twenty-Something” generation, I love the changes and new perspectives we bring to the table.

There has been so much press lately about Twenty-Somethings, some good, some bad, some funny etc. I make comments to my friends and family all the time about how I don’t get why certain things are so important in society, life, work, careers, relationships etc.

So I am going to take a risk and start posting about my “Twenty-Something” prospective of the world! Get ready and don’t be offended 🙂

Here are a few things you may already know about Generation Y:

  • Also known as “Millennials”
  • Born 1980 to 2000
  • 80 million strong
  • Grew up with school shootings, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Iraq
  • Plagued with high levels of student debt
  • Proficient with technology, often called “Digital Natives”
  • Personality characteristics: confident, social, celebrate diversity, collaborative


Here are 10 signs to help you KNOW that  you are a TWENTY-SOMETHING!

1. You have considered moving home or you already are currently living at home. 

40% of Twenty-Somethings move back home with their parents at least once. I know I did!

2. You consider all your LIFE options to still be open. 

96% of Twenty-Somethings say they are sure someday they will get to where they want to be. 

3.  You secretly crave a year to live out your own “Eat, Pray, Love”  project to find who you really are. 


4. Getting hitched is not the highest on your priority list… but you live with your significant other. 

Two-thirds of Twenty-Somethings spend at least sometime living with their romantic partner before they get married. 

5. You take the term “permanent residence” very lightly. 

One-third of Twenty-Somethings move to a new residence every year. 

6. Affording ANYTHING vs. Paying your Student Loan is a constant dilemma. 

Student Loan Debt has surpassed Credit Card debt for the first time in U.S. History

7. College= A fun experience, debt and the option to get an unpaid internship

53.6% of recent college graduates were either jobless, or working in a position that didn’t require their college educated skills. (The Atlantic)

8. Social Media is how you keep up with the “Jone’s”..

It’s not just about having the best house, the best car or the perfect children. It’s all about documenting your life and how many people care that you documenting it…

1.11 Billion people use Facebook. 

9. Having a first day on the job reoccurs as often as a first day back to school

60% of Twenty-Somethings say they will not remain with their current  employer longer than a year and a half. 

10. Your follow up question to anything is WHY?


We are the WHY generation, learning to question everything. Advertisements, government, business, rules, society, standards. You name it, we question it. Plus…. we can ask why we have all the answers on our phone in our pocket 🙂 

I love our generation and want to embraces the fun and serious things that we are so daring to defy and change!


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