The dreaded COLD…

Last Tuesday on my way to spin class, I thought it was a bit weird that I had a tickle in my throat that I couldn’t get rid of.. turns out, it wasn’t just a tickle…

I have been sick with a cold/sinus thing since last Tuesday and am in the “please just let me feel normal and healthy,” whining phase right now.

You know that feeling, you can’t breath, your head feels like it is randomly floating above your body, you feel so much pressure right under your eyes, your nose is sore from blowing it every other minute and unless it is insanely spicy you can’t taste ANYTHING!.

Alright done complaining.. but I was able to look up all natural ways to cure colds and sinus infections and since it seems half of DC is coming down with something I thought its the perfect opportunity to share!



Hot water, with lemon and honey will cure a sore throat like that! Honey has natural antibiotic powers!

A Steam Shower


Breathing in steam helps relax the muscles in your diaphragm, loosens the air passageways in your lungs and helps calm and regulate breathing.

Blow Your Nose


The whole point of having a stuffy nose is to get rid of all the gross infection in your body. So sniffing it is just moving in the other direction. Blow your nose as frequent as possible and apply Vaseline to avoid the dreaded sore nose.

Stay Hydrated


Water helps your body function and when you are sick and your body is working on overload so remember to give it what it needs to operate!

Finally Get Some Rest..


We have all been there when your boss doesn’t understand you are sick, or you have a huge presentation or really don’t feel like you can take time off of whatever you are doing but when you are sick your health needs to come first. Take a day and rest up,  you will be back to feeling healthier faster if you just give your body what it needs to feel better!

Hope you all have a great MONDAY!


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