Circumstances or Excuses?


Since I graduated college, I have been drawn to listening to and reading books from powerful women that have made it in their career and have become very successful.

Their advice is consistently to find what you love, be authentic to yourself and to be persistent in working towards achieving what you want.


I am not sure how most of you felt about your college education but being a journalism major, I graduated  feeling extremely unprepared.

Not that my professors weren’t absolutely wonderful or knowledgeable, the world of journalism was changing so drastically at such a fast pace that even journalism professionals were still trying to figure it out.

None the less, the lack of knowledge has impacted me, my career and my confidence in landing jobs that I would LOVE to have.

For many years this has left me feeling very bitter. I am still paying off my student loans for the education, that I felt as though, didn’t give me the foundation a college education was suppose to give me in order to succeed.


So whats a girl to do? 


Accept it for what it is and start taking action to rise above it. There is always a solution, it is just a matter of finding it.

You can settle on your circumstances or you can rise above them. It’s all about how you look at it. 

I am no longer settling on my circumstances and can’t wait to start a Social Media Monitoring class with Media Bistro next week!

I have heard a few others have had the same experience with not feeling as fully prepared for the professional world they want to be apart of. So, I thought I would share that you have the option to get up and do something about it, just have to make the choice to do so!


Knowledge is power! 

Happy Tuesday! 


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