Rain, Rain.. Oh How I LOVE you..

I love the East Coast because the rain lasts all day…

I have always loved rain and the feeling that rainy days give me. Everyone is just a bit more calm and introverted.

This morning was one of those days that you wake up and your room is lit in that dark gloomy way, you have water splattering on your windows and all you want to do is make a pot of coffee, snuggle in bed and read a great book…

Of course, that isn’t an option most of the time but it would be divine if their were  a rainy lazy day option to take off of work!

Regardless, I love rain and the way a rainy day makes me feel. Call me crazy but its true. I also LOVE cute rainboots and umbrellas so I am a bit biased.

Rainy day inspirations for today and wishing everyone a Happy Monday!

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