Bananas for SMOOTHIES!

My favorite part of the morning, besides a warm cup of coffee, is making a morning smoothie!

It is a filling breakfast and is delicious and oh so quick to make!

Not to mention,  super healthy and packed with antioxidants!


All you need: 

Handful of blueberries

3-4 strawberries

half a cup of water

a banana

a scoop of protein powder

and a BIG handful of Spinach (don’t worry you really can’t taste it but its great for you!)

and BLEND! 

photo (1)

Get creative with different fruits and vegetables to add as well!

Happy ALMOST Friday Everyone!! 


One thought on “Bananas for SMOOTHIES!

  1. What type of protein powder do you use?

    My sister was telling me about different brands so I am curious.

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