Who Gives YOU Healthy Ambition?

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday! 

I am so very excited to to introduce to you my new “Healthy Ambitions” series.

There are so many people out there that continue to inspire me to live my healthiest and happiest life. It is their words, inspirations,  blog posts and tweets that I turn to when I feel like I need a bit of encouragement or some new ideas!

So instead of keeping them all to myself, I thought I would interview them, help you get to know them and encourage you to check out them out whenever you are need of a little healthy pick-me-up!

My first Healthy Ambition Rockstar is Heather from the blog For The Love of Kale.


This was one of the first blogs I started following because I could really relate to her story. Her focus is not only on physical health but on spiritual and mental health which I think can be just as important, if not more.  I can always count on her for a positive perspective  when I need one!

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What are three fun and crazy facts about you?

  • Raw Brussels sprouts are my jam. I love raw Brussels sprouts with hummus. One of my favorite snacks EVER!
  • I have a dance party with myself every day. It’s mandatory in my book!
  • I did something I never thought I’d have the courage to do: stop drinking coffee! It’s been three weeks now, and I can’t get over how incredible I feel.

Favorite Go-to Workout?

Mind Body Barre! I teach at a barre fitness and healing studio in Rehobeth, MA called Mind Body Barre. It is a signature mind-body workout combining pilates, yoga, ballet, and ancient healing methods like Reiki and meditation. Best workout of your life! I teach it virtually on Skype every Monday at 7:00 p.m. too! If you’re interested in taking a class with me, click here. It’s so rad!

Favorite on the go healthy snack?

Unsalted mixed nuts. I love the ones from the dispensers in Whole Foods. My favorite is the blend of almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, and pecans. Heaven!

Favorite workout accessory you can’t live without?

lucy Perfect Core pants! I love the brand lucy. I have pretty long legs, and their long pants fit me like a glove. I feel so sexy and empowered in them!

What can we catch you doing on a Friday night and what healthy cocktail might you holding?

I love going out on Fridays but I also love going to bed early! I’m an early bird by nature, and am up every day around 6:00 a.m.. Mornings are my favorite time of day; I love to savor them! So, I like getting to bed pretty early. My boyfriend and I usually spend Friday nights together. We love catching up on our weeks over dinner and coming home to cuddle and watch TV. We’re obsessed with GIRLS, The Newsroom, Shameless, and Project Runway! I’m not a big drinker but do love the occasional glass of wine. Pinot grigio and cabernet sauvignon are my faves!

I LOVE quotes! What quote do you live by?

“Feed the world in your own words.”

I believe that we’re all here on this planet for a specific purpose. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was from one of my mentors, Marie Forleo. Told me to stop looking for my passion outside of myself and to start BRINGING passion to everything I do. Once I started to engage in life with passion, the things that lit me up inside became crystal clear to me and I felt like I was starting to find my voice and my place in this world. We’re all here to share our light with the world. Once we share what lights us up with the world, we live authentically and we feed the world in our own words. This is the essence of “finding our passion.”

How do you start your day off after the dreaded alarm clocks goes off?

Just like we cleanse our bodies by taking a shower, I believe it’s important to cleanse our minds first thing in the morning with a mental shower. Meditation is a must for me! Our minds are like blank canvases in the morning, and we choose how we’re going to create our day.

I am a student of the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles. I begin my day with a prayer from ACIM that says, “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?” It really centers me and puts me in a space where I can let go and ask Life to guide me through the day. We’re never alone.

After the prayer, I meditate anywhere from five to 20 minutes. Whatever I feel like I need. Meditation really centers me and helps me show up for Life every day with passion. It helps me stay “in the now,” because that’s all we ever really have.

Comeback answer when people won’t give up on insisting you eat a piece of cake?

“I love myself too much to eat foods I don’t want.”

What is the biggest obstacle you face by living a healthy lifestyle still today?

I believe that obstacles are opportunities in disguise. They’re meant to help us learn and grow, should we choose to accept the assignment. I am in sober recovery from an eating disorder, so the thoughts definitely pop up. Not every day…but they’re certainly present from time to time. Sometimes, I want to say “Shut the eff up!” Nowadays, I ask the Universe, “What would you have me learn from this?” If I’m open and willing to receive an answer, it always shows up.

What has been the most rewarding moment so far from writing your blog?

Definitely the people I’ve connected with. That’s all we want as people – to connect and to be seen and heard. The fact that people care about what I have to say is very meaningful and I cherish everyone who reads my blog so much! The friendships I’ve formed have been invaluable and have absolutely changed my life forever. Most of my best girlfriends are those I met through blogging!

Why is spreading the healthy lifestyle mentality so important to you?

I think we have a lot of work to do in this world when it comes to the term “healthy.” We still tend to think of “healthy” as being eating good foods. But there’s a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle that is missing from many people’s lives: a spiritual connection of their own understanding. I’m here to really help people connect with their Inner Guide, that voice of love that exists inside of them. When we do that, we gradually and naturally connect to our version of a healthy lifestyle and reach our happy weight.

Any other thoughts or words of wisdom for the Latte readers on health and happiness?

Health and happiness are not destinations – they are continuous processes. We’ll always be growing and evolving. Different things will ignite happiness in us at different times. I grew up thinking that I had to find happiness outside of myself. I grew up thinking that I had to learn a bunch of things so I could become successful and make a bunch of money, and then I would “arrive,” whatever that means. The most significant thing I’ve done for myself is choosing to unlearn my fear of not being good enough. When I made a commitment to doing this (I’m still working on it!), I let go of my obsessions with food and exercise and let in love. It’s a full-time job to choose to be happy. But it’s so worth it.

Start small by becoming a non-judgmental witness to your thoughts. When we do this, we have the power to change the script we’re telling ourselves. This one tool has changed my life!


For a daily dose of Heather follow her blog For the Love of Kale!

If you have any bloggers that help you and motivate you with your healthy ambitions send them on over! Sharing knowledge is so powerful!


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