Need Something New?

I hate that feeling when you get to the gym and you have absolutely NO idea what you want to do to workout.

You start with something and that doesn’t necessarily appeal to you, so you move to something else and before you know it an hour has passed and you really didn’t get a great workout in!

Beyond frustrating, I know!

I find it is so much more helpful to have a plan or a workout already designed for me to follow and execute once I get there. It not only helps me get in and out of the gym a bit faster but also ensures that I will be use my time more efficiently!

As part of the Bikini Series today Tone It Up  shared a new workout with us and I thought I would pass it along!

They may look like just a couple of simple moves that couldn’t possibly be a good workout but give it a try and then tell me your thoughts or wait and see how you feel the next day!

These workouts never seem to disappoint me!

 Or if you want to print them out so you can take them to the gym with you, head to the Tone It Up Blog and print them out!

Just a little inspiration to hit the gym and get a workout in after work today! 

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 



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