Since I posted the Bikini Series Challenge this week, I have had the opportunity to talk about the challenge with so many of my girlfriends that are interested but I took a very common theme away from most of my conversations with them, which saddened me…

This theme is how dissatisfied we are, as women, with our bodies and how not men, but how our other women counter parts are making us feel that way.

I am no different, if anything I am the poster child for this. Constantly comparing myself to other women, their bodies, eating habits, exercise habits etc. beating myself up left and right as to how I need to be MORE like THEM.

It wasn’t until a few months ago at a yoga class that my instructor said something that really hit home with me.

“Cherish the body you have now because in ten years you will be praying you could have it back.” 

It really hit home because it was the truth. I would give ANYTHING to go back to the body I had in college but in college I was to busy picking myself apart, detail by detail, to really enjoy what I had.

SO.. girls and women of every age, size and  height:

 Stop Picking Yourself Apart.

Enjoy what you have right now. Eat healthy, workout and be thankful for your body!

You are only good enough if you believe you are good enough and you won’t be good enough if you are constantly telling yourself, every other women you interact with is better than you  are.

Lets help each other.

When your friend is constantly beating themselves up about their pant size or bragging because all they have had was a LUNA bar all day. Stop them! Remind them that they are enough and are beautiful and don’t need to be so negative about their body.  Encourage them to eat healthy and be confident in themselves.

We are women, men are going to like us regardless, its up to us to change how we interact with each other to change the insecurities and pressures we feel so often.

The most beautiful thing a women can wear is her confidence and a smile.

Now on for more important things…



I completely get it now! Sorry for judging Peter!


Chevron Dress… YES PLEASE!


If someone could please call my boss and let him know I would LOVE an office like this one!  Pretty places spark creativity..Right?


Sign that should be taped to my forehead…


Dreaming of waking up right here.. someday..


Diggin the long maxi dresses recently. So GLAM and comfortable!


READING IS COOL! It takes you to places and experiences you couldn’t even dream of, plus gives you a brief escape from your own reality.


“Why blend in, when you were born to stand out!”

Don’t be scared to try bold pieces or outfits!


I am addicted to creating healthy smoothies! Grab a blender and try them out!

Healthy, delicious and nutritional dense! What’s not to love??




Do yourself a favor and sign up for Tone It Up’s 8 week Bikini Series!

Feelin confident in your body and your bikini is something money can’t buy..


In the market for cutes pring/summer wedges! If you have any ideas, send them my way!


Well hello there…


Nothing beats an afternoon with your girlfriends..


Excited to be running the Women’s NIKE Half Marathon this weekend in D.C. !!


Happy FINALLY FRIDAY Everyone!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!



One thought on “FINALLY FRIDAY!

  1. Love it Ange! I compare myself to you all the time….but in a great way! You’re totally to credit for changing my eating habits in the best way possible! Excited for Sunday!

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