Twitter gives me Job Envy


If you are on twitter you know what I am talking about.

You can follow multiple people that have your  DREAM JOB and are updated on every aspect of their very cool life ..


Which sometimes makes me want to throw myself on the ground whaling, ” I want that and I want it right now!” 

Just to assure, I have never done that, however, seeing someone else live out the life you are craving sure can make a girl antsy.


I know .. I know.. I am only 26 and I have plenty of time to get there and everyone pays their dues before they get to where they want to be but seeing that it is possible really presses me to question why I am not trying harder to get there right now?

Twitter has a lot of positives and negatives and although I think it does give me hard reminders of where I am at compared to other people, I love it because it reminds me its possible!

If they could climb their way to their DREAM JOB why can’t I?


Just an ALMOST FRIDAY thought! Have a good night and get EXCITED because tomorrow is FINALLY FRIDAY!



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