Weekend/Birthday Recap

I feel so very LOVED!

Not only did I get a birthday night celebration but an entire weekend! I couldn’t be more thankful for the many friends I have made here and still have at home!


I am more than thankful for the people and relationships I have in my life !

This weekend was to much fun not to recap, so here it goes!


Before dinner Friday the girls brought out cupcakes, candles, champagne, gorgeous tulips and sang happy birthday! Literally almost brought me to tears! So thoughtful!


Saturday since it was a  bit chilly out we changed our plans and headed to a new place called Pearl Dive and it was perfect! A walk up bar outside and the coolest lounge upstairs!

We even tried some oysters! So delish!


Surrounded by LOVE!


After Pearl Dive we bar hopped down to a place called Masa 14. Which was just perfect! We sat in the sun on the patio and enjoyed delicious mojittos!

Just what I wanted, drinks, sun and some fun!

Image (1)

Then we were off to pizza at Match Box and meeting up with one of my favorite guys Chirag at Marvins!

It was a successful night and I couldn’t have felt more blessed to have such amazing people to celebrate with!

Makes birthdays away from home a bit more tolerable!


Cheers! xox


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