DOVE Campaign Brought Me to Tears. How Do You Describe Yourself.

Yesterday a friend sent me a video that brought me to tears.

Yes, tears! It was a short 3 minute video but the impact it had was unbelievable.

If you haven’t seen this yet, here you go. If you have, watch it again, the power behind this message doesn’t fade.

There is such POWER in how we view ourselves and  yet we all view ourselves so negatively.

I am one of them hands down. Constantly critiquing my size, complexion, clothing, everything down to if my toes are shaped funny.


We are constantly being shown the expectations of how we are suppose to look like and be like. Where we are expected to be in life at our age, with a boyfriend  engaged, married, with kids etc.

It’s exhausting.

I am truly impressed by DOVE.

They have stepped beyond their products and  initiated a campaign and conversation that truly effects everyone.


Have you really ever stopped and listened to the negative thoughts you tell yourself everyday about the way you look or even your attitude toward your body?

I even caught myself today, saying, “Welp this is the best its gonna get, as I walked out of my apartment.”

I mean, if anyone else said that to me I would feel terrible. So why is it ok to tell myself that!


This video brought me to tears because it shows how harsh and critical we are on ourselves about our  bodies. It showed how we undervalue our own beauty and the extreme gift we have to even  be alive.

It is time we start being comfortable in our own skin. Be proud of who you are and what you have been given. (Much harder said then done, but we are taking a step in the right direction!)


I hope someday women aren’t battling the thought of

 “I am not pretty enough”

” I am not going to try out for the swimming team because body is perfect in swim suit”

” He will never talk to me because I do look like her”

” I am going to starve myself or throw up everything I eat because that is more important than my health”

Whatever it may be, I hope that this campaign continues to spark the movement of women embracing who they are and what they want and going for it!


Happy Tuesday loves!


2 thoughts on “DOVE Campaign Brought Me to Tears. How Do You Describe Yourself.

  1. okay seriously.. i cried during this video too! I’m glad someone was as moved by it as I was!! I agree that us women are always harder on ourselves that we need to be. I am going to from now on, focus on my good qualities instead of being knit-picky about myself! Love your article!

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