Bring on the Sunnies!!

You know that feeling.

That feeling when you walk outside, on a warm summer day and the sun hits your face perfectly warming your body from head to toe. You put on your favorite pair of sunglasses, while caring your favorite Starbuck’s coffee and everything is right in the world?

Everyone has had that euphoric feeling that takes over in that single moment, hence why the quest to find the perfect pair of sunnies for those rare spring and summer moments are so crucial.

My new obsession in the sunnies department  is the Summer collection by Warby Parker. 


Their sunnies give off the essence of early afternoon brunches and late patio drinks. Gorgeous overgrown lawns and tanning on cool breezed beaches. Weekend long house parties and exploring new countries and cities.

In a nutshell.. the exact dream of what my summer should entail!

Although most likely, my summer will consist of sitting in a freezing air conditioned office building in a skirt and a button up… makes it even more important that I have sunnies that embody the summer feeling and can whisk me away to the relaxed beachy state.


These are my top three choices. What do you guys think??


Aldous- in English Oak


Boyd- in Marbled Sandstone


Paley- in Whiskey Tortoise 

Not only do I love their shades, I love their commitment to help the world around them. For every pair of glasses sold, they distribute a pair of glasses to someone in need through their sister non-profit organizations.

This year I am all about supporting companies that are giving back to their communities.

So… which ones should I pick??

Excited for a summer days stroll in a pair of these and my favorite latte in  hand.

I have a feeling it’s not going to come soon enough… 

Happy Tuesday! xox


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