Spring Bucket List

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BAHHHH is winter over yet? I am getting VERY antsy for SPRING! 

The other day on Lauren Conrad’s blog (yes, I love her!) she had a great post of a spring bucket list that I thought would be fun to make .

I love feeling spring gives everyone. After being cramped up inside all winter long, people are more than ready to get outside and socialize! The spring dresses and cute sandals come out and fun plans and activities are made!

I highly encourage making a bucket list for spring and get out and ENJOY the nice weather that is hopefully coming our way very soon!

Here is my bucket list: 

1. Paint your nails a spring hughe. 

This is something you can do NOW, while you are waiting for spring to FINALLY come! Be bold and try a orange or a coral to add a pop of color to your dark winter wardrobe.


Braziliant by Essie                                                             Mango Bongo by Essie

2. Buy more FRESH Flowers

The other day at the supermarket I saw tulips on sale for $2. I picked up them up and put them in our apartment and it is a great reminder that spring is eventually going to come. Not to mention, flowers are gorgeous and make people happy! Sometimes even your apartment or room needs a pop of spring color.


3.  Commit to a Spring Detox

Lets admit it most of us put on some type of winter weight and there is no way around bikini and spring dress season, so not only should we spring clean our home but our bodies as well!

My favorite is the 7-5 Day Slim Down by Tone It Up! It is not a crazy juice cleanse or a period where you can only eat dreadful food. Its a great all natural manageable detox!

My girlfriends and I are starting detox  April and next week is our 5-Day Slim Down.

Grab your girlfriends and do it together, it will make it more fun!


4. See the Cherry Blossoms! 

I have lived in Washington D.C. for two years now and still haven’t made my way to see the GORGEOUS Cherry Blossoms.


5. Friday 5k’s in Crystal City

Every Friday in April Crystal City hosts a 5k race and this is the first year I can actually participate.

Ya, it is only a 5k, but how many of you get off work on a Friday afternoon and run?

This way you can be social, run and maybe grab a few relaxing drinks afterwards! Perfect way to start the weekend!


6.  Make a weekly meal entirely from the Farmers Market.

I am not sure about most cities but DC has fantastic farmers markets all over the city. They open in March and usually last until December. I love supporting local farmers and getting FRESH seasonal foods.

This way I can ensure I am eating healthy and supporting the local community.

1 001

7. Attend Lululemon’s Cherry Blossom Yoga on the Mall 

Every year yogi’s get together and practice yoga together on the National Mall. What is not more inspiring then doing a sun salutation with the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial in your view. Not only is it an inspiring experience but it is a great way for local yogi’s to build a stronger community.

The girls and I plan to practice our yoga then head off to brunch at Founding Farmers! 


9. What is Spring/Summer without Baseball?

Being a Colorado girl, the true indicator for me that spring and summer have arrived, is always attending your first baseball game of the season. I am not sure where that tradition started but nothing beats it!

So since I live in Washington D.C. I will be excited to attend a few Nationals games to ring in the new season!


10.  Take a Hike. 

I love getting to be outside at any chance I get and since I haven’t been hiking around the DC area, this is an exciting element to add to my bucket list!

Put down the cell phones and T.V. remote, grab your friends,  family or significant other and go for hike! It is the best way to clear your mind, calm your soul and get a great workout in.

Billy Goat Trail is a favorite of one of my girlfriends so we are going to give that a try!


11. What is Spring or Summer without Rooftop Drinks?

My all time favorite part about spring and summer is sitting outside with great friends, in warm weather and enjoying a beverage. I am not sure why I love it some much but there is just something about it that makes it the perfect combination.

One of my favorite rooftops in DC is at Local 16 in the afternoon. It is a gorgeous patio, that just swallows you up.


Last but not least….

12. Plan a Wine Tasting Girls Weekend. 

I have never been wine tasting but I have heard wonderful things! So when my friend mentioned setting up a wine tasting girls weekend I had no doubt about going!

Sometimes you just need a girls vacation. To dress up in cute sun dresses, shop, drink and be silly( in a way only girls know how).


So Memorial Day weekend the girls and I are packing up and heading to Charlottesville, Virginia for just that!

Grab your girls and get planning you have time!


Instead of letting Spring pass you by, make a bucket list and get going! You have no idea who you will meet, what memories you will make and how alive it will make you feel! 

Happy Wednesday xox


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