HELP! Which Fitness Monitor Should I Pick?

Alright my Tone It Up and Fitness ladies, I need your help!

For my birthday in April my parents want to get me a fitness monitor band that I can wear while running and working out. You know what I am talking about the watches that track your heart, distance, speed, calories etc.

But I am having a hard time deciding which one to go with. This is where I need your help… which ones do you love or not love so much?

Here are my TOP 3:

1. Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS

fore runner

  • Uses GPS to accurately track your distance, time and pace
  • Accurately tracks heart rate and calories
  • Tracks and Save’s all your runs and data to help work for improvements
  • Not to mention its cute.

2. Nike+ Sport Watch GPS


  • Tracks: GPS, Pace Tracker, Timer,Calories, Heart Rate, Pedometer, Marks Laps and Intervals and water resistant
  • Records all your information on Nike+ Connect

3. Polar RCX3 Run Women’s Sport Watch Monitor 


  • Smart Coaching- helps you efficiently train and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. 
  • Tracks distance, routes, pace and time.
  • Heart monitor and calorie counter
  • Good for cyclists and runners and gym enthusiasts.

4. The fourth is probably not something for what I am directly looking for but I thought it would be great for anyone just starting out!


It’s the NIKE Fuel Band.. It is the coolest pedometer in town.

  • It tracks walking, running, cleaning, dancing etc. It shows the calories you have burned through out the day with the activities you have been doing. So you even see what getting up and walking around the office does to help burn those calories.
  • I think it is great also because its a constant reminder to get up and be active!

So help me out and let me know which ones you LOVE to use! 


2 thoughts on “HELP! Which Fitness Monitor Should I Pick?

  1. My sister swears by her garmin. I had a nikefit and a garmin but neither of them synced up for me so I just use a regular watch and google maps to track distance.

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