Lunch Comments

pet peeve

I have a growing pet peeve…

No it’s not people that  bite their nails, or people that chew with their mouth open…

It’s people that make comments on my decision to bring and eat a healthy lunch in the workplace or any place for that matter.

The conversation never seems to go away.

Yesterday was the first day I brought my lunch into the office. We all sat in our cute cafe and ate lunch together. I brought a roasted veggie quinoa salad over spinach.

But of course…. half of lunch became a discussion  about what I was eating, why a person my size doesn’t need to be eating healthy and if that was all I was going to eat for the day…

It’s one thing to ask what another person is eating for lunch, I think it’s only human nature and an obvious topic to talk about  during lunch but it’s another to criticize the person for eating a healthy meal.

Shouldn’t it be the opposite way around? Shouldn’t it be a good thing that I am eating healthy and a topic of conversation that you aren’t?


I am not sure if this happens to anyone else, but it is something I am sick of hearing. “You are the size of my thigh, just eat a cookie/browine/cupcake?”

I am the size of your thigh because I choose to eat and live a healthy lifestyle and when I crave a brownie, french fries or a grilled cheese w/ ranch, I will eat it believe me!

So my warning is this, it is ok to ask what everyone is eating and it is ok to be inquisitive about the healthy options someone brings for lunch. You will probably learn something new…

But next time you are about to make a comment saying that the person your eating with should be eating a burger and fries like you are, instead of a salad, please reconsider why you are saying it and if it is necessary.

never judge

Yesterday, I asked a few of my girlfriends if this ever happens to them and it was astonishing to me to hear that they are all quietly sharing the same criticism that I am.

It is no easy feat to make healthy choices all the time, especially in this day in age.

So if someone is making those healthy choices don’t make it harder on them. Applaud them, ask questions and learn about the  benefits of what they are eating instead.

The only magic pill we have to a healthy life is making healthy choices everyday. 



6 thoughts on “Lunch Comments

  1. Yes yes yes! I used to get comments regularly. Now my office is used to my habits and lets it be, but it took a while and few retorts from me for it to stop.

  2. I can totally relate!!! It’s so frustrating, I don’t ask people why they eat mac n’ cheese for lunch (because honestly I don’t care!) but I don’t understand why the care so much about the food on my plate!! Yes, it’s different from what they see normally, but they should apply their opinions to the food I’m putting into MY body. It just doesn’t make sense.
    The best responses I have given are usually educational. People usually ask because they don’t know. I briefly describe the protein, good carbs & healthy fat contents that keep me full and give me energy. When they still don’t understand I simply say that I feel better when I eat food like this 🙂

  3. Every single day!!! Is one of the most annoying things ever. Why does eating healthy have such a bad affect on others. The way i see it is that they just don’t get it. People eat crap food and then complain that their fat….. uhhh hello lol I’m proud of you angeloo and I’m proud of myself too. I have been eating all healthy and clean for almost a month now and working out 6 days a week. I’ve just started ignoring the comments 🙂 cuz I’m healthy and I’m determined to look hot this summer and finally feel good about myself

  4. So am I girl! I make green smoothies with my bullet every day and the comments never end. If we get lunch catered and I bring my usual lunch it’s “Oh I forgot your healthy.” But I’m happy and I feel good 🙂

  5. I totally agree with you, and this also happens to me too. I always try and eat a healthier choice every day… of course we all can splurge every now and then, especially on a weekend. But even if I go out to eat somewhere, I tend to make substitutions or get things on the side, and even that becomes an “issue”. Since I struggled with an eating disorder in the past and almost everyone knows about that, I feel like eyes are always on me to see if I’m at least eating… and God forbid if it’s something healthy and not a greasy cheeseburger. I eat delicious, healthy foods that make me feel good. It is definitely a way of life, and not a diet. Ugh, people.

  6. I think it’s an odd sterotype, that you can “criticize” someone for being fit and trim, but you can’t criticize someone for being fat and eating unhealthy.

    I have had a similiar lunch like yours, and it is not a diet food at all, simply a hearty meal that is cooked with healthier ingredients. Mabe if you were doing a drink fast or something unhealthy like that, but not what you described.

    People suck, my advice is to spend more time with your good girlfriends and vent. I find the red headed ones are the best.

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