Weekend Recap

From running my first race, celebrating the bf’s birthday and making a delicious/healthy Sunday meal, I would say this weekend was a success!


This was my first race ever and although it was only four miles, it was quite a challenge, considering the last two miles were up a very steep hill!

The Four Courts Four Miler was a blast. Starting and ending at the Four Courts Irish bar in Arlington followed by drinks! We ran our race and then enjoyed the warm spring day sitting outside drinking coffee and Bailey’s!

Needless to say, I think my first half this weekend won’t be as luxurious!


After the race, we were off to celebrate Ry’s birthday! Since his favorite drink is Jameson, I figured hosting his party at Jack Rose (a whiskey bar in DC) would be the best atmosphere and it was!

Cheers to the birthday boy!


After my 10 mile run on Sunday, I decided to venture in trying a new recipe for a healthy Sunday night meal.

The result: A sun dried tomato pesto veggie Quinoa on a Portabello mushroom with avocado and Parmesan cheese.

It was simple and delicious!

Cook quinoa, bake veggies of your choice, add a sauce( sun-dried tomato pesto), put on a large mushroom, cut some avocado and sprinkle Parmesan cheese and you are good to go!

Happy Monday Everyone xox


One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. I´ve just started to read you blog and I really like it, because I can relate to it 🙂
    I like to eat healthy too, and exercise to be healthy…
    the thing is that I was wondering, how you do it? because I see you started working, me aswell, (full time) plus thesis for my bachelors, this said, I wanted to ask you how or when do you make time to cook?? It may sound silly but I really want to know, because I get the impression you enjoy cooking as much as me! 🙂

    Hope to read from you!

    Valeria, my best regards from México.

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