So this Friday in particular is a reason to celebrate..

I made it through the first week of my new job… ALIVE!

Trying to absorb every bit of information as the new girl in the office is exhausting but I am excited to have the first week behind me!

This week, I have been thinking a lot about who we become when the people and places that make you comfortable are stripped away.

Meaning who you become when you are the new kid. Are you still completely yourself? Are you a more quiet version of yourself? Do you actually turn into someone that is quite shy?

It’s funny, when I moved to DC I thought that no matter where I lived or who I was around, I would still be the same outgoing Angie but when you are completely stripped of your comfort zone sometimes that really isn’t the case.

For instance, I am the type of person that becomes a quieter version of myself. I am still outgoing and confident and am able to greet people with a smile and hold a conversation but for some reason, I am not the person that goes out of my way to start that conversation.

Being away from the people and places that make you feel comfortable is a great to compare you “think” you are to who you “really” are at at that moment. It’s a great to learn what needs to change and what you want to keep the same!

It’s a question that keeps reappearing in my life that I value. Every time you find yourself on new ground you have the opportunity to grow and change. Which to me is what life is really all about!

NOW… LETS CELEBRATE it’s Friday After All!


JUST DO IT! My saying for March!


Blake and Burberry … excellent combination!


Be who you say you are!


A Fierce dress that I need!


I am learning this lesson. Good friends are few and far between. Cherish them!


If I ever have a little guy, this is exactly how I would dress him! Hello little Grandpa..


mmmmm healthy mac and cheese! Sign me up!


Blast from the past….Remember Heidi??


Red lipstick changes any outfit… for the better!


Favorite brand of tea.. DELISH!


Cute tile coasters for presents!


FIT is a way of life…If you want it you have to LIVE it!




Remember to give yourself a moment to relax this weekend!



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