Loving Leather!

Next weekend my friend is having a Rockin birthday party after our Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon!

 I thought it would be the perfect time to post about my love for the leather trend that has been out lately!

She needs an edgy, cute outfit that makes her feel and look great!

What better way to do that than to put on a leather piece!

Pair cute leather leggings with a bright blazer or top and of course along with bright new pumps! 

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Leather skirts can amp up any outfit!

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And last but not least, my personal favorite the leather peplum style!

 f3e64134317f2fe30a0844e18936600a ca36b22bb3241ddd414402c1a6ed5ad8 3585ceca7edc6da73016eb79abf237f6 2fc887438ddf72510be43da3d05474d5 5deb8ebae26bf5d1b1aaa7a8ebc1a203

If you want an edgy but trendy look, don’t skip over the new leather trend! 



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