Who Knew… East Coast Snow Days vs. Colorado Snow Days!

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Growing up a “Colorado Girl” I have definitely had my fair share of snow days… but the East Coast is teaching me a whole new meaning of what a  “Snow Day” should consist of. 


The differences look something like this….

In Colorado..

There has to be at least a 6 inches of snow on the ground in order for work to let out early or be canceled….

In DC…

Work is canceled before even one snow flake is shed…

In Colorado..

When a snow day is announced, you turn alarm off roll over and catch a few more Zzz’s

In DC…

You wake up earlier to find out if the Federal Government is closed and then spend the next couple hours working from your iphone in bed…

In Colorado…

You put on your comfy pants, pick a series of great movies to watch, pour some wine and hang out all DAY!

In DC…

Your friends call around 10am asking what bar everyone should meet at for day drinking to commence…

Just a few differences that one must learn when converting from Colorado Snow Days to East Coast Snow days…

Never the less, a snow day is a snow day!


Our home office for the day!


Wish I could start everyday like this! PB Cinnamon Toast and Coffee!


Trekking out into the “storm”…

Happy Snow/Non-Snowday!!


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