I am in a gym rut there is no doubt about that.

I love running outside and attending yoga classes but when neither are an option going to the gym to workout is the most unappealing thing to me, so I just end up not going.

The girl that used to be a gym fanatic and always enjoyed my time at the gym is fading away quickly! YIKES!

I know I am not the only one. It is amazing how working all day, having a relationship, a social life and all that good stuff really leaves you with a depleted amount of time, energy and motivation to get your butt in the gym. Add kids to that and I have no idea how anyone ever does it!

But it is that time, to suck it up and get in the gym. Once you are there, it is usually great! Its just getting there that is rough. So March is going to be my “get back into the GYM” month!

My motto is … “JUST GO!!!”

It’s all about not accepting how you feel and dealing with it. Sometimes you have to just push yourself in the direction you want to be.


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Excited to say good-bye to my gym rut, among other things!


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