Lesson’s From the Concierge Desk

It’s funny, that feeling you get ,when one chapter is ending and a new one is beginning…


We have all been there. High school to college, college to the real world, relationship to relationship, new job to new job. Knowing that moving forward is the best option for us, but desperately hanging on to the comfort of what we know.

Today is my last day as a Concierge(aka fancy receptionist) at a media company in DC and needless to say it is bitter sweet.


It is in these moments of transitioning to a new chapter that you can truly see growth. Growth from an unexperienced college student, growth in understanding even a little bit of how the professional world works, and growth in learning what I want and how to work hard and ask for it.

It’s hard to let go of a company that gave you your first chance. Took you in and taught you the ropes of surviving this big scary professional world.

But is that time again. That time where you know you are ready to take a new leap out of the comfort of the nest you grew up in.


Life is all about taking chances, so here goes nothing!

With that being said… I did learn some very valuable/funny lessons from the Concierge desk that I thought would be the perfect farewell!


  1. Think Before you Call! It amazed me how many people would call and then realize that they hadn’t thought about what they were calling about until after I asked them…
  2. Their Desk is Not Your Desk! Yes the reception desk is conveniently located for everyone but it is not a holding space for your random things. Which you will most likely forget to come back and pick up, leaving them to decide what to do with it. (If people left random things on your desk all the time, it would drive you crazy, just saying!)
  3. Counseling is Not in the Job Description. We care about our fellow employees, just as much as the next person, but one can only listen and comfort so many people about their office drama stories, before you hit your limit!
  4. We Take Funny jokes in Dozens. Because of the location of where the receptionist sits, there are always people walking by our desk. So realize, when you make that funny joke about how she shouldn’t have sent you those flowers or bought you the random box of cupcakes on the desk, that we have heard it before and will probably hear it twenty more times after you!
  5. We are NOT the Keepers of the Soda Machine. Being someone that doesn’t drink soda often, it really astounded me the mass freak outs that would take place when the Diet Coke would run out or not work. As a receptionist we don’t get bored and turn the soda machine off for amusement nor do we go through a “Fix the soda machine” training program when we start!
  6. We actually have Ears. I know, this is quite a concept, but it doesn’t matter how quiet you speak to someone next to our desk we can hear you. Just saying…
  7. We Have the Inside Scoop. Be nice to us not only because that is the right thing to do but because we know where the leftover lunch is, we are constantly given extra cookies, cakes, muffins etc. If we like you, we will share!
  8. Last but not least, remember our dream job is not to be your receptionist. Don’t be fooled by our approachable demeanor and warm and friendly smile. We are not robots that only think about answering phones and helping you with your Diet Coke needs. We are in most aspects the glue that hold all the entities of your company together and working properly. No job is easy, not even being the receptionist.


I am so thankful to have had the experience of being a Concierge for a media company in DC and can’t wait to see what adventures and lesson’s that the future holds!




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