First Impressions are Important!

First impressions are EVERYTHING!

impression quotes

So of course, I am carefully planning my outfit for my first day of work at a new job!

Pencil skirts are my “go-to” staple, when I need to put together a strong professional outfit. They are feminine , approachable but still very down to business.

Here are a few of the ideas that I am thinking..

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Do you have a favorite?? What are your “go-to” professional fashion ensembles?

Happy Wednesday! xox



3 thoughts on “First Impressions are Important!

    1. I LOVE that outfit! Perfect for my thoughts on a first day outfit! I am going to be a Communications Coordinator which is what I have really been wanting to to do! Very exciting! Thank you my best friend creates amazing images for websites and blogs, email me if you are interested in getting her information!

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