You are GOOD enough!

How many times have you told yourself….

you are good enough, you are pretty enough, you are smart enough. That you deserve your dream job, dream relationship  and so on?

I bet rarely ever! I have found especially as women, we are constantly searching for approval from our friends, families and relationships.

Letting them dictate how we feel and view ourselves.

Which is just simply exhausting.

A few weeks back I re-read the quote from the movie, The Help.

images (1)

When I first read it, I thought how nice would it be to have someone remind me everyday, that I am kind, smart and important.

In reality we do have people that remind us everyday, how smart and kind and important we are, we just don’t hear them because we refuse to believe it ourselves.

For the past couple of weeks every time I have the fleeting thought of not being good enough, strong enough, pretty enough etc. I stopped and said out loud, ” I am good enough, I am strong enough and I am smart enough.”

At first its just a bunch of silly words that we think won’t impact us but it does, and although I still struggle with accepting the thought of it, it has made a huge difference in my relationship with myself.

One of my best friends in college posted a quote on my mirror that has always stuck with me.


If you don’t believe you are good enough, smart enough, pretty enough etc. then that is exactly how the world is going to treat you.

So just try it this week. Tell yourself you are good enough and believe it!

One.  Because you ARE


Two. People will start believing it too!

Happy Tuesday Everyone xox


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