Short weeks always seem the longest to me, but we made it! Whew!

This morning as I was getting ready and I did what I do  every time I get ready. I put something on, debate if it matches, works for me and if I like it. Then I walk out to the living room and ask for my boyfriends opinion.

I am sure you all know where I am going with this..

Of course, his response was “It looks good.” I proceeded to ask about the elements I was questioning and his response once again was, “Honey, it looks good.”

My reaction was a typical woman response, full of “no tell me how you really feel about it,” and “you are just saying that,”  type of accusations.

His argument was a typical male response, stating that there is no answer he can possibly give, to that question, that will satisfy me.

Which brings me to my realization… he is right! 

Nothing he answers to that question, is going to make me feel confident and pretty in the outfit that I selected… ONLY I CAN DO THAT! 

Everyone around me lately has been pushing the idea of be yourself no matter what!

If I want to wear a new, cute, light pink peplum top and cute brown boots that’s what I should do regardless if the BF approves or not!

Little morning life lessons, I tell ya!

Now that we have conquered that little tid-bit, it is time to get into the weekend spirit! 


My wish for everyone today!




You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..


Dreaming of summer rain showers!


Take a chance, let things change and believe EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!


I want this dress! Now.. to find a place to wear it too…


Accept things for what they are… easier said then done!


If you haven’t seen this episode of Friends.. please watch this part now! Now cute!


Your welcome…


How to explain the mystery of why women wear heels.


Now that looks like a splendid time! Treats in tool!


*Crossing my fingers that I actually got the style gene*


Girlfriend catch up sesh!


Great quote to end on! HAPPY FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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