If you haven’t heard about the LEVO League, you are missing out!

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Levo is the Latin root of the word “elevate,” which captures our mission for professional women to ascend together, strengthening us all in the quest to achieve our career dreams.

— Caroline & Amanda, NYC 2012

They are an organization that I truly enjoy and believe in.

Not only do they offer weekly office hours on the web with successful women but great articles, support and local LEVO events.

Last night they hosted a Power Panel in Washington D.C. that I attended and once again, I was not disappointed!


Their power guests were:

I can not begin to say enough about this panel.

All the guests are at different points in their careers and had valuable advice for college students to older twenty-somethings!

They dished out some amazing advice, of what they have learned along the way. No matter where you are in your career, I think it is always nice to hear that everyone hits bumps and struggles along the way.

be true

I can’t count how many times I have been told this piece of advice.

Think for yourself, don’t just follow the crowd and be TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE..(I know, I know, the harder part is figuring who you are out in the first place!)


I thought this was a great piece of advice.

Far to often we forget to actual stop and listen to what other people are saying. A customer, a boss, a co-worker, a friend, a husband… we are so busy worrying about what we want to say that we completely miss what the other person actually needs or wants…

want what you want

Most interviews with insanely successful people say, that they didn’t get to where they were by luck but by lots and lots of hard work!

It’s a great reminder, if you aren’t willing to put the time and effort in, someone else will…

hard working

We got on the top of the topic of how to be respected and get what you want in the office and not come across as a “bitch”(excuse my language).  Which is a huge feat for women now days.

I thought this advice was perfect.. if you act confident, rational and you work hard, they are going to respect you and your opinion. You won’t have to go as far as being stern and harsh to get their attention.

calculated risks

It is one thing to be crazy and pick yourself and move to NYC and magically believe that if you believe in yourself you will get a job… Take your time, save up, start networking before you get there, and  have a A,B andC plan…

Taking a great risk is one thing, but make sure you take all the measures you can beforehand, to ensure your success.

“Fear is a useless emotion,” was a comment made last night that I loved! It’s true, the worst that can happen is it doesn’t work out or they say no.

Being afraid to fail, is only going to keep you right where you are, instead of moving forward.


make them when you are ready

This piece applies to anything and anyone. Take in all the information that you have at that moment and make the best decision you can, that is truly all you can do.

Not to plug LEVO League (and no they are not paying me to say any of this) but if you are a young woman who is attempting find your way, blindly through the crazy world of being a professional, you should really visit their site.

I have only known about them since December but I have already had the opportunity to listen to great advice and stories from Kelly Cutrone from People’s Revolution, Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project and Kate White, Former Editor-in-Chief Cosmopolitan Magazine and so many more!

It is a great resource for women and a great message. If we can band together and learn to support and help each other, the possibilities are endless! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!



  1. I was there too and thought the event was incredible! I tried live tweeting some of my favorite quotes but didn’t get them all. Love the ones you posted!

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