Presidents Day 8 Mile Run

What better way to celebrate President’s Day and a day off of work, than a run by the monuments in our Nation’s Capital.

mall run

It has been sooo cold out, that I have been neglecting my running schedule and attending hot yoga instead, for obvious reasons!

But with my first half marathon right around the corner, it is time to get moving…

So I laced up my tennies, put on 18 layers of clothes and hit the trail for a run!

It is funny how when you live next to something such as the mountains, the beach or these stunning monuments they just become part of the back drop of your everyday life.

Running around DC today reminded me of how exceptional and special this place really is.

These grand monuments that are there to remind us of the grand men that they stand for. The history of people that have crossed the same path I was or have been inspired by the same view I was taking, is just really something.

So thankful for a great run on gorgeous day, in an exceptional city!

Happy Presidents Day Everyone!


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