So its true… sometimes unanswered prayers turn out to be exactly what you have needed. 

Ya know the idea…

Your high school boyfriend breaking your heart when you are 17 and praying day-in and day-out that he will come back around, only to realize that you are sooo thankful that no one answered your prayers …because you found the man of your dreams.


The job that you know would be perfect for you and you strive and strive to achieve and never get. Only to realize that it fell through because their were better opportunities for you a bit down the road.

I have learned this lesson multiple times in my life, over and over again but every time it happens it never ceases to amaze me.

It is a nice reminder that no matter if you aren’t religious, don’t believe in fate or any of that fun stuff.. that at the end of the day everything still happens for a reason.

For every action their is a reaction, whether it be positive or negative which then turns around to cause yet another reaction.

So where ever you are in your life today, let me remind you  that everything happens for a reason. I have a really hard time believing that myself at times but today I know it’s true!

Now, lets get in the mood for the weekend!!!


Totally how I feel on Fridays.. just care that it is FINALLY FRIDAY!


YUP! Learned that this week! Be patient …(easier said then done, I know)


LOVE this moment in Sex in the City…. Full of passion, romance and knowing they are both right where they need to be…


Couldn’t have put it better myself! Surround yourself with people that feed your soul and even better if it gives you the happy effect of coffee!


Still absolutely LOVE stripes!


This one is for my mama! I don’t know how many hours we spent watching Anne of Green Gables when I was little! Makes me want to watch it again!


Perfect cut of a dress! Just stunning!


Don’t be scared to take risks and try new opportunities!


Will be doing a few of these this weekend! Get out and get active! BIKINI SEASON IS COMING… DUN, DUN, DUN!


Favorite color and love the accessories!


Someday, I will make this a color scheme in my home! It’s my favorite!


Seriously, how cute is this?? Love how little kids can light up any world!


Not ready for bikini season but am dreaming of spring/summer!


My day dreaming today, will consist of this beautiful place…


Weekend drink for you champagne lovers out there!

A French 75…Champagne , Fresh Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup and Ice! mmm


Best advice!


Be persistent and don’t let anyone tell you to give up on your dreams….


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