My Valentine’s Gift to YOU is …. LAUGHTER!

Valentine’s Day can either be the BEST holiday or WORST, depending on your LOVE situation.

Expectations are high, which can always lead to a road of disappointment.  So instead being sad because you are single or because  you only got 6 roses instead of a dozen… I thought it would be fun to post some very funny Valentines!

Laughter is the best thing to share on a day of LOVE anyways!

333163758266a6670f1e0dc4ddd4f0e3 a-funny-valentines-day-cards d17a1c616586f8bb99075f6b91506bb2 esq-01-mary-elizabeth-ellis-card-lg etsy-rowhouse14 funny-valentines-day-card Funny-Valentines-day-cards8 slide_277870_2045472_free slide_277870_2045481_free slide_277870_2052341_free slide_279242_2071962_free slide_279242_2074836_free slide_279242_2075181_free slide_279242_2075962_free slide_279242_2076033_free slide_279242_2098605_free slide_279242_2105032_free slide_279242_2105038_free

Happy Valentines DAY!!!!!!!


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