Favorite LOVE moments

When was the first time you fully realized what the feeling of “love” was?

I bet it happened while watching a movie or television show.

I love these magical moments. The moment when Carrie knows she is suppose to be with Big. The moment Allie finally gives into loving Noah in The Notebook or even when Belle realizes she loves the Beast…

All of these moments, no matter where your love life stands, gives you those instant butterflies and hope that its possible. That someday, you might get to have the same feeling!

So I thought today it might be fun to travel down memory lane and recapture all of my favorite movie/TV LOVE moments!


This one just so happens to be a quote I use in my everyday life! I blame the Olsen twins for my expectation that love should be this fireworks kinda love!

Here are the rest… enjoy!

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images (1)

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