Cheers to Girls Night!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Spending a fun night with your girlfriends, is almost as good as therapy.

There are somethings that you can only talk to your girlfriends about. How they handled a tough situation, learn where they buy skinny jeans that fit 5″ nothing body styles or admit some embarrassing thing you might have done that week.

Girls nights are sacred and one of my favorite things to do!

Needless to say, this Friday’s night girls night, did not disappoint!

photo (5)

We kicked off the weekend by having dinner at Mint Wood Place in Adams Morgan. The restaurant was so cute, the food was delicious and it just had an all around great atmosphere!

photo (4)

The vintage mirrors, made for a great back drop!

photo (2)

Started with a yummy, iceberg, blue cheese salad!

photo (1)

I LOVE risotto and this was the best I have had yet! I ordered the five-grain, broccoli and cauliflower risotto and have been craving it, since I left!



Dessert was a Baked Alaskan, which was fun because it required audience participation!

After a dinner full of flavor and laughter, we decided to head to a whiskey bar we had been wanting to try, called Jack Rose.


Literally, we felt like we were in a library of whiskey! The bar atmosphere was low key but full of people, which made for a great night!

photo (2)

If you are like me and the taste of most whiskey drinks make me cringe.. I have a solution. Order a Jameson and Ginger Ale. The Ginger Ale covers up the harsh taste of the whiskey and is delicious.

Image (1)

A fun night and fun memories! Cheers to girls night!

What is everyone’s favorite part of girls night?



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