Where Were You Two years ago today…


I was reminded by my boss this morning that I started working at my job on this date, exactly two years ago..

It automatically made me start thinking about who I was and how I was feeling at that time. ..

I was so thankful and relieved to have finally found a “big kid” job in Washington D.C.

I was still coming to terms with the fact that I had decided to leave everything I have ever known, for this crazy world, full of concrete and terrifying escalators….

That girls nights, with wine and The Bachelor, were no longer a given…

and… the terrifying realization that this crazy journey was going to challenge me in every way possible. 


But this morning, when I was reminded of that girl from two years ago, I realized that I have grown up from the previous “Angie.”

Every challenge thrown my way, I have learned to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going, mind you I have learned all of this the hard way!

I no longer am terrified to ride the escalators at the metro, (well sorta…)

I have branched out and made new friends, had new adventures.

I have learned that great friendship is something that should be truly valued..

and as of recently, I am the only person that can control my own  happiness…

Not to shabby from the scared Mile High City girl I was before…

Who were you two years ago?? I bet you have grown more than you think!



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