Hot Yoga for PEACE


Growing up, I was so skeptical of HOT YOGA.

There is no way it could be that great of a workout and have that crazy of a “spiritual” effect, that I had heard of so often.

I had always assumed it was one of the crazy trends that would die out… until I tried it.

My first time trying Hot Yoga, was back in college and needless to say,  I was pleasantly surprised. Being a former gymnast allowed me to easily complete the moves and flows, but the surprisingly, my biggest challenge, was quieting my mind.

If you have ever read Eat, Pray, Love, you know what scene I am talking about. Her attempting to quiet her mind at the Ashram in India. Jumping from topic to topic in her head, while telling herself over and over again, to STOP THINKING!

Not the easiest of tasks…if you don’t believe me try it!

The older I become, the more I have craved the  hour and a half of quiet.

There are no cell phones, Emails, TV’s, magazines or books to distract you from just checking in with yourself.

Believe me, it’s not always pleasant to find that you are on a rocky road or not having  the happiest day (despite, the happy sorority smile you have been sporting around) but it is great to be reassured by the teachings of yoga.

“It’s not about holding the pose, its about the steps you take and the way you go about getting there.” 

I love it and happy to be starting it back up again. Don’t judge it until you try it!

Little Yoga Motivation for all of you doubters!

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