I mentioned on Friday that I was contemplating getting bangs.

 I loved the length of my long hair but was needing and craving a change!

So whats a girl to do?

Get bangs.. duh! So I spent a good 30 minutes scouring the internet for what type of bangs I wanted..

149815125075691068_Du5kxrr8_c 242842604879048888_mb7AnsXk_c 260012578456264820_EaW7Ckn1_c 283445370269508316_StiUVDkF_c

 But the winner… was Reese Witherspoon (of course!)


So after the gym Saturday morning, I headed over to the salon and just did it!

What do you think??

photo (4)

And what better way to celebrate a cute new “do” then dressing up and going out to celebrate a friends birthday!

photo (3)

Apparently, we all got the memo to wear BRIGHT colors!


LOVED the chandelier at Bourbon in Adams Morgan!

photo (1)

Bright colors, big smiles and a fun filled weekend!

Now… onto Monday….


 Hope you all had a great weekend!


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