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Artistic I am Not…

I am definitely no artist.

I managed to make my way through, both high school and college, without taking a single art class, (impressive, I know!).

But I must say, I missed out!

I am sure some of you have heard about the emerging “wine and painting class” trend.

It  makes even non-artist(like me) become some-what-ok!


Last night, to celebrate one of my friends birthdays, we signed up for a wine and painting class at Uncork’d Art in Georgetown.

Needless to say, we had a great time! The instructor’s were so fun and great at taking us “non-artist’s” step by step.


They set you up with your own easel, canvas, water, brushes and set of paints! Oh and the most important thing… an apron!


The birthday girl and I stopped to take a quick wine break!

photo (1)

Step by step they lead you through the painting!


Art takes a lot of focus.. It’s funny how in the zone you get!

photo (2)

Finally the finished product!

No, it is not perfect and no it will not be hanging in some millionaire’s house some day but the experience of painting and being creative, is so great and actually really lethargic!

We had a great night, only to wake up to a beautiful morning of SNOW!

photo (4)

Being a Colorado girl, I was thrilled to be back in a winter wonderland!

photo (5)

Snow on the statues and moments is gorgeous!

So I’ll admit I took my time on my walk to work to enjoy it the view.

photo (3)

Bundled up! Coach boots and warm winter jackets! My attempt to be cute in the chilly weather!

Happy ALMOST FRIDAY!!!!!!!!


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