Holy Barre!

Alright I am going to give you all a tip…

if you haven’t tried a barre class.. YOU MUST!

photo (4)

Last night, I tried my very first barre class with a group of girlfriends at Lava Barre in Clarendon.Needless to say, it was fantastic and actually a GREAT workout!

Being a former gymnast and avid runner and yogi, I hadn’t given much thought to how great a dance inspired work out could be.

Within the first ten minutes of the workout, my inner thighs, butt and abs were burning and that lasted throughout the entire hour of the class! The instructor blasted fun music and was so upbeat and motivating!


At the end of the class, I was already feeling the soreness of muscles that hadn’t been used in years, which I considered a complete SUCCESS! 

Plus you get to wear these cute socks!


After our workout the girls and I headed across the street to Northside Social, a  coffee and wine restaurant, that I have been wanting to try for quite sometime.

We order mint tea and quiche and spent sometime catching up! So much fun!


This morning, I must say… I am SORE and it feels so GOOD!

I will definitely be back for a few more barre workouts!


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