Trapped in a 9-5…

The office world has never made much sense to me.  

We as humans have an attention span that can barely last a 30 second commercial…

so the idea that we can sit at a desk, behind a computer for over 8 hours a day and be productive for that entire 8 hours is beyond me.


I was that kid in class that was always getting in trouble for sitting in my desk funky.

Sitting still in a chair that doesn’t fit me ( I  am 5″1′, lets get real my feet NEVER touch the ground) isn’t comfortable and makes me antsy!

I needed a decorated classroom that enlightened my creativity and I desperately needed that hour of recess to run around!

and things have not changed….


Why does this change when you go grow up?

Why are our work environments so controlled as to when we need to be there and how long we need to be there rather than what we are accomplishing and producing?

Since I have been working in an “office environment” I have learned a lot about myself…

  • I am WAY more productive in the morning than I am in the afternoon.
  • I need to get up every hour and walk around, get tea, go to the bathroom etc. to keep me from going mad…. AND……
  • that I truly, truly envy the people that have a choice to come into the office or not.

To the have the option to go for a mid-day run when it’s gorgeous out instead of day dreaming it out a window or taking my lap top and  setting up shop in a cute coffee shop would be great productivity tool for me…


Make note, I am not bashing the idea of having an office environment at all. I think it is crucial to have social interactions with the people you work with, not to mention, it gives you a place to go and actually get work done with no distractions.


My point is we are adults and have hopefully learned how to manage our time. As long as we are achieving what is required of us, who cares when and where we are doing it.

It’s not only about productivity but about our health as well. Both mental and physical.



The second I got a “big kid job” as I call it, I immediately started gaining weight and had to put A LOT more worry and effort into keeping it off.

New studies have also proven, that sitting for a prolonged amount of time everyday can increase your chances of diabetes, heart diseases and premature death.


My hope for the future, is that our culture veers away from this standard, controlling 9-5 idea and explores ways that enhance their employees productivity without chaining them to a desk.



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