Warning: May Cause Miracles!

Ok, here is a question. Are you happy?


Not just, ya life is going ok, I guess I have no complaints happy


really genuinely happy?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been. Not that I have massive complaints about my life.  I have a job, an apartment in Washington D.C., a loving relationship and great friends and family but for some reason I am still coming up short.

The more people I have asked this question to, the more I have determined I am not alone. It’s not just post college twenty-somethings feeling this way either, it is occurring all over the age spectrum.

As I have mentioned before, 2012 was a challenging year for me and quite frankly its been since I graduated from college in 2009. I have really struggled with finding myself in the massive field college just seems to dump you out at.

BUT..life is to short to be unhappy or feel like you are coming up short.

I want to be the glass is half full type of person and be able to find happiness within myself. So that in the future, it won’t matter the size of boulder that is thrown at me, I will be strong and happy with who I am and where I am at.


So I  have a plan!

My favorite blog For the Love of Kale,( as though she was reading my thoughts) posted about a book club she is starting on a book titled May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Berstein.  I am going to do it and I would love for you to join me!

It is a 40 day guidebook of subtle shifts  you make to create a radical change for unlimited happiness!


The book caught my attention right off the bat with this quote. (Although I am a sucker for quotes)

“Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.”-Wayne Dyer

This quote just sets the tone for the rest of the book. It’s your choice to choose love over fear. It’s your choice to do something about not being happy or stay in the same place.

It’s simple: positive energy attracts more positive energy!

So here goes my quest to find and bring that positive light back into my life!

Sounds hokey I know.. but I have a feeling its going to be worth it!


If you want to join me, you can visit For the Love of Kale’s blog and sign up for the  May Cause Miracles newsletter.  I will also be re-posting her online book club discussions here as well!

Don’t be scared to give it a try, what can it hurt!

Affirmation of
the Week

I am ready to open my heart to a miracle-minded way of thinking. I embrace the idea of taking note of my fears. In them lies my greatest lessons from the Universe!



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