Why We Need to Work

Yes, I just said it, we need to work, not only for money but for our sanity.

I haven’t been to work since December 21st because of traveling and being sick.


Sounds great right?

We always wish and pray to win the lottery or have some great Aunt that gives us enough money to never have to work again but is that really what we want?


The truth is work keeps us on schedule. It forces us to get up, get dressed and face the day, no matter what discouraging hurdles lay ahead.

Since I haven’t been to work, I have been craving structure!

Yes, having time off to clear your mind and relax is great and very important but it wouldn’t be so great if you had it EVERY DAY.

So when you are sitting at work, hating your life and  attempting to win the lottery so that you don’t have to work anymore, think about if  that is really what you want.

be careful what you wish for

Ya know they (not sure who “they” is) says, “Be careful what you wish for”.

Needless to say, I am excited and happy to be at work! No it isn’t my dream job but its something that gets me out of bed and gets me moving in the morning!

I’m gonna try to remember that a few months from now when I am sick of waking up to my alarm clock to go to work!

Happy Tuesday! xox


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