Well it is Friday and I am usually bouncing off the wall with excitement that the weekend is right around the corner. But.. today is bitter sweet because I am packing my bags and heading back to Washington D.C.Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to get back to my life but saying good-bye to my friends and family in Denver is no easy feat.


I honestly have no words to describe the warmth and gratitude I feel when I come home, after months of being away and creating a new life in D.C. I can come home and those relationships are still as strong as ever.

I named my blog Latte Confidential because of my coffee and lunch dates with my friends and family here in Colorado.

This trip was no different. I love having those rare moments, where it is just you and a friend, being honest and catching up with each other. Extending advice and telling each other that it will all work out in the end. For me, it’s in these moments that you create yet another string to a strong bond between the two of you.

coffee time

One of the biggest things I have learned in my move away from home, is that good friends are very few and far between. They are worth every ounce of effort to keep in your life.

Doesn’t’ this just make you want to pick up the phone, call your best friend and head out for coffee? So do it! That is my weekend idea for you!


brother and sister


Spending quality time, for the first time in a year with my younger brother! He is so big now!


Christmas Eve Dinner! A Dunphy tradition, Skyline Chili


Christmas Eve family photo! Beyond thankful..


The calmness of a white Christmas morning


My love is the IVY.. Visiting my memories at the Alpha Phi house.


Amber and I’s favorite pizza stop in Greeley! Cheers!


Stopping by one of Ry’s favorite bar’s in his college town of Fort Collins!

aphi fam

Partners in crime! Love Rio dates and Punch Bowl drinks with these girls!


We have been besties for 11 years! Somethings NEVER change!


Shopping, mani’s and pedi’s with my mama! LOVE!

dad:daughter work out!

Proud of this guy! At 56 he is ridin his bike and getting in shape! I, of course, had to par-take!

sister angel

My sista’s birthday is on Sunday and I found the perfect present with a quote that couldn’t have described us better!

“Because you see me clearly (and I see you). Because you inspire me to love deeply. Because you celebrate my courage yet nurture my tender heart pieces. Because you are my memories. Because you always know what to say (and when to simply listen). Because you know my heart. Because I know yours. Because we are side by side, heart to heart. In this life journey. Because I count my lucky stars for you, every single day.”


So thankful for great friends, family, a loving relationship and the many, many, many memories we have created the past 25 years.

To all my friends and family in Colorado, I truly feel so blessed to be apart of your life and wish that 2013 brings GREAT adventures for you!

I’ll be back! Don’t your fret!!

Happy Friday xox


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