As I mentioned before, I LOVE being a Tone It Up girl, and of course they have a new years challenge for us to accomplish!



It’s a 6 week challenge, to learn to LOVE and take care of  your body. Not only physically but mentally. Start exercising, feed your body nutrient filled meals and most importantly learn to not be critical of yourself or others.

I love the message of this challenge. It’s not only about the size of your skinny jeans shrinking but the way you view your body and yourself as a whole. Starting New Year’s Day through Valentines Day, they will be sharing new work outs, meals and tips/exercises, to help you become the person you also envisioned in 2013!

Their first challenge was to write 5 things you absolutely LOVE about your body!

We, as women, are so critical about our bodies and each others bodies and that only encourages a negative lifestyle. At first, it was hard for me to think of 5 things I love about my body, because I am always so focused on what is wrong with it. The second I started really thinking about it though, I realized there are plenty of things that I LOVE. It instantly started to make me feel more confident and positive.

Here are mine!


Start 2013 off right, by learning to love and be grateful for what you already have!

If you want a positive challenge to conquer this new year, head over to Tone It Up and sign up to take their LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE!

Happy Wednesday!xox


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