Got the Buldge Blues

I dunno who is in my boat but I think I ate way, way, way and I mean way to much, the past two days. Although, I enjoyed it guilt free, I now know I have to get back to business!

Taste Everything, Eat Nothing! Right? And eat as many plain fruits and veggies as you can!

If you are in my boat and those skinny jeans are fitting a little too snug, here are some at home workouts you can do no matter where you are staying!

No excuses, gotta love that!

300_abs 170222060886279896_LBhsclNs_c dips plank_knee reclining_circle side_plank total_cardio 633387419151490_KJnkexHJ_c 94364554663016390_DIFEp3It_c mind-2-body-pilates-gym-inspiring-fitness-quotes-sayings-take-care-of-your-body-exercise-motivational-statements-famous-quotes

Put Down The Cookie and Go Work Out! Even if it’s a quick 30 minute walk!



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