Taste Everything, Eat Nothing


I couldn’t be more thrilled that holidays are here and I am flying home to Colorado in just four days!

BUT…. I will admit, the anxiety of all the treats, meals and drinks, that will be consumed, over the next 10 days, is slightly starting to creep up on me.

So.. I am enlisting a plan to help me make it through, without having to go out and buy bigger skinny jeans.


 I am taking Bethenny Frankel’s advice and sticking to it.

If the cherry pie my mom has looks delicious, I am going to have a bite. I don’t believe in depriving yourself  because it will only make you crave something else later.

Have a bite and enjoy it!

But really enjoy it, because after that bite, be done. Put the fork down and enjoy the company you are surrounded by.

The holidays isn’t about the food, its about the company you are enjoying the food with!



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