Tackling the Sock Bun!

Alright a few months ago, I taught myself how to do the “sock bun,” mainly because I love Lauren Conrad and love how her hair is always in done!

Since then, I have been asked by soo many girls, how I get my hair this way and if I could possibly teach them how to do it!

So I thought, I would share with all of you!

The best part is, you really don’t need bobby pins!


A few of my favorite photos of this cute do..

78179743502383864_uFNywW7u_c 120400990008076193_TRv3KdJq_c 130674826657513889_mJB8hvVO_c 134404370099298022_9mUpXhlf_c 146085581633327564_xsxBxVAj_c 154740937167365569_O2FHvL6Z_c 242842604878162300_mmuRTvJL_c 251005379202082046_yupVruvc_c photo

If you are more of a visual learner like I am, check out how to do it, from one of my favorite YouTube ladies HairTwoHeels.

Give it a try, its really not as hard as it looks!


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