The WILL to Stand Still



When I used to think about my personal WILL being tested, I never thought it would be in the form of standing still.

I have faced many challenges in my life and they all consisted of working hard for what I want and seeing results, either positively or negatively.

This year, my WILL has been tested the most it ever has been. Not in the form of obstacles to overcome but in the form learning patience, persistence and gratitude. All while, not moving in any direction.

This type of challenge seems to be a bit more challenging then charging at an obstacle in front of you. For the sole reason, that there is no plan of action to attack, simply nothing.


No matter how many different plans of action I create, new tips I try or “I can do it,” mantras I say, nothing seems to change.

At least I thought…

Until I realized, that although I am not going the distance I want or thought I would. I am slowly learning the lesson life is forcing me to learn. Patience, persistence and appreciation for what I have.

Stop_SignThis year, every time I went to take a step forward and a STOP sign was held up in front of me, I came closer and closer to mastering these values.

I know life is constantly changing and evolving and there is no way, that it simply just forgot about me. I still have a wonderful life to be thankful for and that has to be the root of my ambitions and dreams, in order to truly be successful.


So, at the end of the day, even though standing still is a true test of my personal WILL, the realization that I am still growing up into the person I want to be, is an amazing feat in itself.

No matter, if you are standing still or jumping over obstacles in your way and your WILL is being tested. Remember, there is something to learn from every situation. It’s just your decision to learn from it or not.



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