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Oh the Annual Company Holiday Party

Friday night was my company’s annual holiday party.

Usually, when you think of a company holiday party, they think of a bunch of awkward people standing in a room, learning how to get along outside of their typical cube environment.

My company on the other hand, has the tendency to appear as though we all went to high school together. Making our holiday parties, seem more like an upscale holiday dance.

It’s so fun seeing people outside of work. How their personality changes, who their significant others are and how they interact with them. It makes you realize that everyone  has a life outside of the four walls you meet in everyday and reminds me, they are human just like me.

I truly enjoyed this weekend. From getting dressed up and hitting the town, to a Back to the Future Marathon with the BF. I had never seen them before (shocker, I know) and they are actually pretty good.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Here is a recap from mine!


Quick pic, while waiting for our cab…

photo (1)

Center pieces at the holiday party. I LOVED the white flowers. Completely modernized the classic space.

photo (2)

Gorgeous lit columns at the Corcoran Gallery

photo (3)

Say cheese! Had to get my favorite center piece in the background!

photo (4)

Preview of a new recipe I will post this week! SOO GOOD!

photo (5)

Ended the weekend with a Friends marathon!

“I am Chandler. Could I be wearing anymore clothes?”–Joey

I hope you all had a great weekend! xox


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