How is it December already?

I think I missed the memo that October and November had already flown by! The older you get, the faster the time seems to go by and I am not to sure that I like that. Just another reminder to live your life wisely!

Plain and simply, I have just been exhausted this week. Not quite sure why, but yawning has become one of my new mannerisms, which is not attractive. This weekend I plan catching up on my Zzz’s and getting back on track! Sometimes you just need a ” Tidy-up your life weekend!”

But it is time to celebrate, it is FRIDAY after all! Here are some images to get you in the spirit!


Rockin shoe to match your Christmas dress


Simple, to the point and very true!


Dress up and take a risk! Sparkly dress for a champaign toast


Red and White Dress for the Christmas Parties


Gingerbread Apple Cocktail 


Don’t let anyone try to stop you!


Get crafty and make your own dress!


Get out and get active. It helps you to see life clearly.


Pardon their french… but they are right! Strive to eat whole foods.


Preview of my next favorite holiday tradition!

Happy FINALLY FRIDAY everyone!! Hope you all have a great weekend. xox




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