Starbucks and Skating

As I had alluded to yesterday, I LOVE THE HOLIDAY SEASON and last night was the perfect example why!


Three girlfriends and I, met up with the Local LEVO DC League, for Starbucks and Skating. Although it was 70 degrees in DC yesterday, it didn’t deter us from getting into the holiday spirit!

Kennedy Center

The ice rink, located at the Georgetown Waterfront, was decorated to be a picturesque wonderland and had a stunning view of the illuminated Kennedy Center. GORGEOUS!

We had a great night, attempting to maintain our balance while having a conversation. Which is not an easy thing to do, if you have the tendency to talk with your hands.

Needless to say,it was a blast and put me in the perfect holiday spirit! No matter where you live you can grab your girls or your love, bundle up and find an ice rink! You can create new traditions whenever you want and this one will not disappoint!

Waterfront skating

The rink at the Georgetown Waterfront

lights and fun

Skating in a winter wonder land

Girl time

Try taking a picture on skates..

more challenging then you would think!

in action

Action shot! Proof that we weren’t huddled against the wall the entire night!


Photo op!

Also, if you are a career-minded women around DC, I highly suggest checking out The Levo League. They are a group of fantastic women, really committed to creating a community that helps each other out!



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