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Weekend Recap and Loving New Traditions

After a long week, Ryan and I had tickets to see the San Francisco Ballet perform Romeo and Juliet. We got dressed up and enjoyed a glass of wine while recapping our week. Then headed off to The Kennedy Center in D.C., to enjoy the performance. An amazing, much needed date night!


Pre-ballet drinks by candle light

Memorized by the ceiling at The Kennedy Center

Photo Opp

The best part about date night with Ryan, remembering you are never too old to be silly

Last night when I checked Facebook, I saw  pictures and pictures of different groups of friends, gathering together to have what I call a “Friends-giving”.

I am not sure when this tradition began or if we are all have just gotten to the age where getting together to celebrate our friendships, over a delicious meal is appealing but I love the fact that it is becoming a tradition.

I have always said friends are the family you choose and it is only right to sit as a family and be thankful for each others company.

My weekend was packed full of reminders of the amazing people that I have the opportunity to surround myself with.

Saturday was “Friends-giving!” We hosted great friends and even baked our first turkey! A game of Apple’s to Apple’s and a few glasses of warm rum cider later, I deemed it a very  successful night!

Friends-Giving Recap

Even when you are cooking all day, you must look cute!

First time turkey cooking experience: CHECK!

First time carving experience: CHECK!

Ready to serve and most importantly, EAT!

Cooking queens of the day! Thankful for our friendship

The original “Friends-giving.”

Preview of things ahead….

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and travel safe for the turkey!


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