Well, I can easily say that I did absolutely nothing but work this week.

I had the great opportunity of staffing The Atlantic Magazine’s,  Washington Ideas Forum. Which is a two day event filled with different discussions between top leaders and policy thinkers. Needless to say it was an amazing opportunity!


Gorgeous event space for our Welcome Dinner

Obsessed over the massive center piece. GORGEOUS


This week this quote really hit home for me. I worked long hours staffing multiple events and at the end of the day, yes I was tired but I loved every minute of it.

For me the thrill of overcoming challenges, meeting and speaking with new people and seeing everyone’s hard work come together, to create an extraordinary event, just does it for me. Find something you love and go for it!

Not to say that I am not soooo thrilled that this week is over and it is FINALLY Friday!  Tonight is date night with the BF and tomorrow a fun filled “Friendsgiving” before we all head home to our families.

A few of my favorites to get you in the weekend mood!


Thanksgiving decorations

Be excited to give thanks

Be BOLD and try to make your Thanksgiving a bit healthier!

Loving the jean button up these days

Remember to live and be present in the moments with your loved ones over the holidays

Spiced Apple Cider with rum!

Sparkling pumpkins..bling bling decorations

High socks and skirt!

Crazy people are the best people

Fall Leaves on a DC street.. LOVE

Bundle up in color

Start gearing up for CHRISTMAS PARTIES!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! xox



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