Take It or Leave It

I have been listening to Bethenny Frankel’s audiobook,  A Place Of Yes, while working out in the morning. It is a great way to pass the time and not to mention, a great way to start your day.


This morning, one of the sayings she mentioned was, “Take it or leave it,” which really struck a chord with me.

The meaning behind this saying, is to take the good of a situation and leave the bad. Learn from your mistakes, so you know what to do differently, to be successful  in the future.

She gives the example of creating her Skinnygirl Recipes. She starts with one set of ingredients, that she thinks will work and gives them a try. If it doesn’t come out the way she expected, she reevaluates the recipe. The part of the recipe that she liked, she keeps for the next batch and the part that she didn’t, she leaves behind. She goes on to apply this to all different situations in life.


It reminded me that mistakes are good, it is the only way we learn. Yes, we all want to be great at everything we do, all the time but we are only human and that isn’t always plausible. Every time we make mistakes, it is so important to evaluate the situation. What did you do good and want to carry on into your next attempt  and what parts would you do differently?

Although it is not easy, the more we practice handling making mistakes with grace and the will to evaluate and fix them, the more we learn and grow  into the people we want to be.


So evaluate your life. What makes you happy and what doesn’t. What is working and what is not and decide what to take or leave. The only person that can make this executive decision is YOU.

It’s that simple, right?




Happy Tuesday xoxo





One thought on “Take It or Leave It

  1. Great inspirational post! Take it or leave it. Makes you re-evalute your life and find out what truly makes you smile every day! Thanks for the motivation again and being able to sit back to relect upon it all!
    muuah xx

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